Q: Why should I use Replenology?

A: We conducted third party, triple blind, Replenology vs. Placebo, clinical trials over 24 weeks. When comparing our results with other leading hair loss products Replenology, with our active formula ALRV5XR, outperformed them all by 4x in women and 3x in men. Click here to read about our clinical trial in men. Click here to read about our clinical trial in women. Click here to read the expert opinion commentary on our clinical trials.


Q: Why was Replenology created?

A: One of our co-founders was experiencing Alopecia and could not find a healthy, science based, clean, natural solution that actually worked. Over the course of 10 years and with a lot of extensive research Replenology was formulated by a team of scientists and molecular biologists to the highest standards. After all, if our founder couldn’t use the product with success, we could not recommend it for anyone else. After losing approximately 70% of her hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes, she has returned to a full head of hair and her eyebrows and eyelashes have completely regrown. We want her success using Replenology to become your success too


Q: Who can use Replenology?

A: Replenology is suitable for women and men of all ages. We do recommend that you consult with your doctor if you are taking medications on a regular basis and if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. We do not recommend our supplements for use in children.


Q: Is Replenology a drug?

A: Replenology is 100% drug free. We had our products certified drug-free, gluten-free and Non-GMO by the Banned Substances Control Group – the testing facility that develops the protocol for Olympic athletes.


Q: Is Replenology Vegan?

A: Yes, it is certified Vegan! Our products are 100% plant based. They have no marine compounds, no dairy, no soy, no egg, no peanuts, no tree nuts, no wheat, no honey, no added colors, no added flavours, no artificial scents or perfumes.


Q: Is Replenology Gluten-Free?

A: Yes! We are certified Gluten-Free.


Q: When will I see results?

A: Hair growth is a process and patience will pay off. The good news is that Replenology users have reported seeing signs that our product is working in as little as 2 weeks when their hair shedding dramatically lessened and even stopped. Typically, new hair growth can be felt and seen within 4 – 6 months. This will also depend on the length of your hair as short hair may appear more dense in less time. Replenology clinical trial results reported significant new hair growth at 12 weeks, however, these new hairs can be very short and more difficult to notice at first. Please keep in mind that hair typically grows at an average rate of approximately 1⁄2” per month; so, stay committed and you will reap the benefits of Replenology!


Q: Are there any side effects with Replenology?

A: NO negative side effects were reported in our clinical trials or from current users. Replenology users have given anecdotal feedback that they have experienced positive side effects such as calming of skin/scalp irritation, itching and redness, reduction of flaking, an improved feeling of overall wellness, improved energy levels and improvement in skin appearance and nail strength.


Q: Is Replenology FDA approved?

A: FDA approval is specifically for drugs. Replenology is drug-free. Our products are manufactured in the United States and Canada in a cGMP, Kosher, and Halal facility.


Q: Where are Replenology’s ingredients sourced?

A: Our botanicals are sourced from around the world and with purity in mind. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and all our botanicals are standardized so that each capsule contains the exact same formulation strength.


Q: What is an acid resistant capsule and why does Replenology use them?

A: In order for you to absorb the maximum benefit from the Replenology Supplement our capsules are designed to dissolve after they pass through your stomach. Stomach acids often destroy valuable nutrients in botanical ingredients before they can be absorbed by your body. This also prevents any stomach upset for those who are more sensitive to supplements.


Q: Do I have to use all 4 Replenology products?

A: For best results we recommend that all 4 products are used to address your hair loss both internally and externally around the clock. Each product is formulated to deliver the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are not found in your daily diet, and that are necessary to best stimulate your hair stem cells for growth!


Q: Do I have to shampoo and condition every day?

A: While your results may vary somewhat, it is not absolutely necessary to use these 2 products every day. Although the shampoo will certainly clean your hair, it is formulated to be absorbed into your scalp for the purpose of nourishing the individual hair follicles and activating the hair growth process. Likewise, the conditioner’s primary purpose is to deliver the necessary nutrients into the hair follicles. The shampoo and conditioner are packaged in amounts that should last approximately 1 month, depending on the length and density of your hair. If you prefer to follow your current shampooing and conditioning schedule, then you may do so with confidence that Replenology will work – it may just take a little longer to start seeing results.


Q: Is it bad to wash my hair every day?

A: While you may have come across opinions on the internet that warn against washing your hair on a daily basis, especially if you are suffering from hair loss, this is only true if you are currently using a product that contains harmful ingredients for your hair and scalp. We know that you might be resistant to washing your hair every day because that is when you see the most hair falling out, but Replenology is formulated to stop hair fall, reverse hair loss, and deeply nourish your hair and scalp. When someone is experiencing hair loss, it is likely that inflammation of the hair follicle is a contributing factor. Using the Replenology shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis is extremely important to help reduce the inflammation because Replenology nutrients help fight inflammation, promote healthy hair follicles, and allow your hair to grow.


Q: What is the Nutriment? Is it difficult to apply and will it stain my skin or pillow?

A: The Nutriment is a leave-in treatment that will keep delivering the active ingredients of Replenology to your hair follicles outside of the shower. It is easiest to apply with the fingertips in a gentle massaging motion, and to prevent any residue on the skin, make sure you massage until the product has been completely absorbed into your scalp. If you do experience any sweating while sleeping then we recommend either covering your pillowcase with a protective layer, such as a dark colored towel, or applying the Nutriment in the morning, after showering. The Nutriment can be applied to the scalp with wet or dry hair, and you do not need to apply the Nutriment to areas where there is no evidence of thinning.


Q: When is the best time to take the Replenology Supplement?

A: We recommend that the capsules are taken 1 hour before or after a meal in the am and pm, or when you wake up in the morning and just before bed at night. You only need to take 1 capsule twice a day.


Q: Will I experience unwanted hair growth on other parts of my body?

A: No, you won’t. Hair growth on your head is controlled through different molecular pathways than the hair on the rest of your body. Replenology users have reported thicker eyebrows, eyelashes, and beards (for men only, don’t worry ladies!). Replenology promotes normal hair growth on all parts of the body, but you will not experience unwanted or abnormal growth.


Q: Will Replenology affect my sex drive?

A: Users have reported only positive changes regarding their sex drive.


Q: Why are Replenology topical products a coppery brown colour?

A: The ingredients in our products are ALL natural. We do not add or tamper with any ingredients in our botanical formula to change the natural color. The scent of our topical products come from the botanicals and pure essential oils. Our primary focus has always been to deliver a product that works and that can be used without worry of being exposed to chemical irritants, hormone disrupting agents, or carcinogens. That’s why we are the only EWG Verified hair loss product so, you can rest assured that every ingredient in our products is safe and is included for a specific reason.


Q: Why do so many hair loss products focus solely on DHT?

A: DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, is a very active form of testosterone commonly found in the skin. It has previously (in the 1940’s) been thought to be the primary cause of male pattern balding, but there have been no studies regarding DHT as the primary cause of hair loss for women. Replenology’s research has identified 21 causes of hair loss and hair growth, and our botanicals respond to each of these causes through the molecular pathways in our body. Replenology acknowledges DHT as just 1 of the 21 causes of hair loss.


Q: Can I continue to color my hair and use other hair styling products?

A: In order to achieve the best hair growth results, your scalp and hair follicles must be treated with love and care. You (hopefully) wouldn’t want to jeopardize your hair growth, and if you do use hair color or other styling products that contain harmful chemicals, you may be compromising the effectiveness of the Replenology products. If you feel you must use hair colour or styling treatments, please try and use the most gentle products available and use them as seldom as possible. We also caution that if you have dyed platinum blonde hair, you may experience some color change with the use of the topical Replenology products (shampoo, conditioner, and Nutriment).


Q: Can I take other supplements while using Replenology?

A: Replenology has a very comprehensive profile of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and enzymes. We encourage you to review the total recommended intake of supplements to make sure you avoid taking too much. Vitamin C is an excellent supplement to consider using in addition to Replenology.


Q: Should I be taking extra Vitamin D?

A: Replenology contains 1,000IU of Vitamin D, however, since Vitamin D deficiency is very common today in some regions, it is always a good idea to know if you should be taking more. This is particularly relevant during the winter months depending on the climate you live in and your exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.


Q: Should I be taking stress or cortisol reducing botanicals, like Ashwaganda?

A: Reducing stress induced cortisol can be helpful, however, certain botanicals with cortisol reducing properties can actually aggravate your hair loss. A great example is the herb Ashwaganda, which also substantially increases testosterone. DHT is a form a testosterone that is commonly thought to irritate and inflame hair follicles, causing the miniaturization of hair and ultimately baldness.


Q: Can I also take Collagen supplements?

A: Collagen is the most common tissue in your body, and your body produces it as needed. There are many studies evaluating Collagen supplements for hair, skin and nail growth, but Collagen actually cannot be absorbed by your digestive system. When eating collagen, your stomach breaks the Collagen proteins into smaller protein and amino acid units to be absorbed into your body. Scientists have not been able to prove that these proteins recombine to form Collagen.


Q: Should I take extra Biotin?

A: Replenology contains an adequate amount of Biotin in its formulations. Even so, Biotin has never been proven to grow hair or nails, except in infants with genes that limit their ability to absorb Biotin. It is extremely rare to find people deficient in Biotin, since it is naturally found in almost every food! Supplementing Biotin by more than 500 mcg per day can reduce the effect of certain medications and can also cause certain blood tests to give inaccurate results.


Q: How Does the Replenology Subscription Offer Work?

A: When you sign up for a Replenology Subscription you will automatically receive 1 full set (Shampoo, Conditioner, Nutriment and Supplement) of Replenology products per month for a minimum of 3 months. You can cancel your subscription for free any time after 3 months. Should you choose to cancel before 3 months a one-time cancellation fee of $60.00 will be charged to your credit card on file.

The credit card you provide for you initial order will automatically be charged the same amount when each individual monthly supply is shipped until your subscription is cancelled (plus shipping, handling and tax if applicable).


Q: What is the cancellation and return policy for Subscription Orders?

A: You can cancel your subscription any time after 3 months. Any unopened, subsequent orders after 3 months can be returned in original packaging for a full refund within 30 days of shipping. All return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and a $15 processing fee will be deducted from the refund amount. In the event a delivery is refused by the Customer for International Orders, any unpaid Duties or Taxes that were incurred plus the full amount of the Carrier return shipping charges and the processing fee listed above will be deducted from the refunded amount. A subscription must be cancelled a minimum of 48 hours prior to your renewal date to prevent a shipment and a $15 processing fee. Should you choose to cancel before 3 months a one-time cancellation fee of $60.00 will be charged to your credit card on file To cancel your subscription simply visit your account page at replenology.com and select “Cancel my subscription”. If you have any questions about cancellations or returns please contact us at: custservice@replenology.com


Q: What is the Return Policy for Individual Orders?

A: If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of a single set or individual product, you can return the product and get a full refund up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Any product you return must be unopened and in the original packaging. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer and a $15 processing fee will be deducted from the refund amount. In the event a delivery is refused by the Customer for International Orders, any unpaid Duties or Taxes that were incurred plus the full amount of the Carrier/Postal Service return shipping charges and the processing fee listed above will be deducted from the refunded amount. Cancellations of new orders must be made within 24 hours of order confirmation to prevent shipping and charges If you have any questions about returns please contact us at: custservice@replenology.com

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